We use large, wide boards for the first part of most lessons, so that students can more quickly adjust to moving their bodies in rhythm with the water.

Once people relax, allow their hips to move and stand up taller, they are able to concentrate on paddling effectively.

Sometimes it only takes 2-20 minutes for people to absorb this into body memory.

Its largely a matter of letting go of non useful patterns of tension, and adopting a more fluid posture. 

Stand Up Paddle. (SUP) is a simple way to learn functional movement in a complex and interesting environment. 

Because the ocean is a non-synthetic playground, we can let our guard down, there is no one trying to trick or control and no one to impress. Its a very personal relationship between you and the sea, all tension and intension can be applied simply to moving over the water. 

It is massively therapeutic, but more importantly it is fun, its the experience of being alive in a body that is moving on a body of water that is also moving.

I have been providing SUP equipment and coaching since 2006, and would be very happy to spend some time with you if that is helpful. 

Craig Thompson