SUP Package


SUP Package

Starboard- As Strong As Possible SUP Paddle-boards - Thailand's Best Selling School - Resort - Family SUP

For only slightly more than the cheapest budget package you can avoid costly repairs and gain all the benefits below:

Hard Bottom - Extra Thick Fiberglass with Matt Finnish to resist impact from rocky beaches and wear from being dragged on sand.

Soft Rails - High Density EVA Rails absorb the impact of countless paddle strikes, while the Armor Skin protects the EVA from peeling.

Full EVA Deck - together with the Nose and Tail Bumpers make this very friendly for soft skin and newcomers to water-sports.

Starboard's Best Selling Shapes - Nobody Tests and Refines quite like Starboard - ASAP available in Thailand in the following models:


                             Whopper 10' x 34"                                                 Blend 11'2" x 32"                                                       Atlas 12' x 33"



Adjustable, so that one size fits you and all the people you share your Paddle-Board with. Fiber-glass Shaft will not bend, get stuck, break or corrode and the Nylon Blade is the Toughest in the range for years of constant use. 


Special thanks to Maya Beach Club and SUP Tao Paddle-boarding for the images


Starboard 2016 Futura

Starboard 2016 Futura


The new 2016 Futuras introduce the new, World’s lightest UltraCore Carbon board technology and come fitted with Drake’s flagship Ready-To-Race slalom fins. 

2016 Planchemag Magazine Test - Futura 114 Carbon UltraCore -Friday, August 21, 2015

Specifications: 246 x 72cm, 6.8kg actual test board weight, 42cm fin

The Futura range keeps the same sizes and adds two new ones in the 144 and 155. They come in an all-new construction called UltraCore, lighter, stiffer, stronger according to Starboard, with new Drake molded racing fins and non-manually adjusting UltraLight racing straps. They're also available in Wood sandwich.

Sailing Performance

This new Futura 114 made a strong impression on our test team in terms of stiffness and its feather weight under the feet. A 100kg sailor floats nicely and the planing acceleration is stunning. Two little pumps with a 7.8 or a 8.6 and you find yourself flying on the water, on a board that is nervous, crisp and direct under your toes. This sensation is further amplified by the new molded racing fin that is stiffer than last year's G10 fin. We ride nice and high on the water, with extra thickness under the heels that helps to keep the lift. The Drake 42cm fin is a bit too big for say 7.0m. We prefer matching it to 7.8 and 8.6m sails. This board also offers on the menu super-efficient upwind performance, a very high top speed and a nose rocker that lets you go full tilt, full speed downwind in full confidence. On top of the massive speed potential, we were also impressed by the Futura's capacity to plane through lulls thanks to the tracking rails, the fin performance and the best weight and stiffness ratio that lets you skim across the water surface. In the jibe, this board is thicker than an iSonic 107 so it needs a good push to start to carve, after which you get a good exit speed. It's not quite as easy as a pure freeride board though. Finally, when it comes to those new non-manually adjusting UltraLight footstraps, our opinions are mixed. Yes, we save more than 500g in weight, but you need to return to the beach and use a screwdriver to adjust the strap size. 


Boosted by a new molded Drake racing fin and an exciting new technology known as UltraCore that's lighter and stiffer, this new Futura takes it up another performance level yet again, reinforcing its advantages even against pure slalom boards with 7.8 and 8.6m sail sizes. Premium performance and quality.

+ Planing qualities, performance, lightness, stiffness, fin performance with 7.8/8.6m sails

- We're not yet sure we prefer those UltraLight footstraps

 Compared to similar boards in the Starboard Range

Compared to similar boards in the Starboard Range

Shapes: From the same design program as the iSonics, the Futuras are as fast in top end speed with a more comfortable sailing position and with more footstrap position options.

Rocker: All Futuras use the equivalent size iSonic rockerline, the basis for their top racing performance.

Outline: Wide slim boards with a narrower tail for maximum jibing performance. The cutaways further reduce the wetted-area in the tail for the highest top-end speed.

Profile: Extra thin with a deep deck concave for maximum control, the lowest centre of gravity and a more efficient vertical sail position.

Rail shape: Rounder and thinner than an iSonic, for more carving bite and easier jibing.

New Drake Ready to Race Slalom fins: Maximum speed, maximum glide.

UltraCore: The World’s lightest windsurf board construction. 10% lighter, 30% stronger, UltraCore allows Starboard designers to make the Futuras lighter yet keep the same strength and toughness as before. A new uni-directional Carbon layer adds extra crispness and rigidity in the planing section of the board, and the new Carbon Innegra rail band creates a rigid frame and increases impact resistance for the occasional knock.

Wood Reflex: Australian pine Wood bottom with Full PVC Reflex Biaxial Glass Sandwich deck and Carbon Innegra rail frame.

Futura 144 and 154 special: two new extra-wide models, for the best in light wind freerace performance.